Legacy Sponsor

If you are interested in being our Legacy, please leave your details below. We will reach out to you with more information.

    Digital Legacy is the regal stamp that the business world's movers and shakers can leave behind in the limitless digital space.

    We are looking for the most successful, high-performing people of color and women leaders, who are leading multi-million-dollar enterprises or scaling the corporate ladder, and who are making a massive impact in their communities. Synergy4WBO want to etch your accomplishments on a digital canvas and share your story with our community and the World.

    Synergy4WBO is a non-profit that nurtures a vibrant and lively community of people of color and women small business owners to be equally profitable, sustainable and successful, when compared to their non-minority counterparts.

    We provide small business owners with opportunities for networking, social and emotional support as well as access to mentors and coaches who will offer guidance on how they can grow their company.

    At Synergy4WBO, we’re changing the future, and with your story we will make a huge impact.

    Here are why being a Legacy Sponsor can establish your Digital Legacy:

    • A curated video tribute to honor and showcase your professional success and achievements.
    • Receive wide coverage on all our official digital and social media platforms.
    • An honored guest to all of Synergy4WBO’s virtual and in-person events (private dinners, Special Sponsor engagements and Annual Gala).
    • A featured profile, prominently placed on our website as our Legacy Sponsors.
    • An invitation to be a Thought Leader at our virtual and in-person webinars, panels and workshops.
    • Full access to our knowledge base.
    • 100% Tax Deduction on all of your contributions.

    Interested in being a Legacy Sponsor, please leave us your details below and we will contact you.

    We are looking forward to helping you create your Digital Legacy to help us change the future!